Fascinated by Emma Watson.
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Anonymous said: Your blog is adorable ;3

Thank you anonymous. *-*

Anonymous said: are you @watsonglamour on twitter?

No, no, no! I don’t have twitter account.

Anonymous said: What effects did you use on /post/74763485473 ? I always see similar looks to edits and wonder how it's done. :)

I use a mixture of PSDs depending on the image using more than two. Normally I use these here. Hope this helps.

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Anonymous said: where did u get the emma watson pictures of golden globe?
Anonymous said: Awh! It's ok! I love you darling! Ria x

Ownnnnnnnt! Love you too sweet! Thank you again.

Anonymous said: Which country does Emma live in? Love your blog by the way! I check it every day, I think it's becoming an addiction! Ria x

I’m brazilian. Oh Gosh! What a beautiful words. Surely I gained my day.


kiliansprincess said: Thank you for following me! :) ♥

Your blog is incredible. Thanks for following back. ♥_♥

aquamenting said: i like your blog! following :) <3

Thank you so much! WELCOME!

Anonymous said: can i use your emma watson christmas pic in my ff? i'll credit you, i just love it! c:


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Anonymous said: Hold on, no ones getting 'anon hate' I'm simply stating my opinion which I believe to be true. I never said Emma's a horrid person, it's simply that she's not worth being named a role model because she's not done anything credible. And she shouldn't have people calling her 'perfect' because she isn't. Nobody is. There's no need for anyone to get angry, just why do we have to idolise pop culture celebrities like emma watson?

I respect your opinion anonymous. And I would that my opinion was respected. Nobody is forced to worship anyone.