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pinecampple said: I know we've never talked but I feel bad for not knowing. Happy Birthday! :3

Ownnnnn! Thank you. Do not feel bad, please. <3

Anonymous said: can you link the photo manip please?

Here and here are two links to download the flowers. Now choose a photo and put the flowers on the cebaça. Choose the effect that please you and ready. Simple. I hope I helped.

I just let my younger sister acaminho college. Seeing her walk the same path that my makes me happy. I will do for her everything my parents did for me. I miss them both.

ghost-plot said: Let yourself grieve. You don't owe strength or bravery or anything to anyone. You're going through a lot, it's ok to let yourself feel the grief. Talk to people, ask other people for their strength. Take care of yourself right now. I'm so sorry you're going through all of this and I hope you're able to find support you need somewhere.

Oh God. Looks like I really needed your words. I appreciate both the support and understanding. That means a lot to me. I promise to get that strength from somewhere. My younger sister still needs me.


I think I can’t stand another post with the word “bereavement”. I really hope this is the last, because my heart can’t take anymore. Nine months ago I lost my father. A month ago my mother was gone, and yesterday I lost a very special person. Someone who was part of my childhood. I really do not know what to believe. I have no more power to certain things in life.

Happy New Year

That next year will be full of light and new expectations. That every day can be met with vigor. What achievements are marked by wisdom and we can even learn from failures. Happy 2012 to you.