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Thank you for the words, this is really important to me. <3

Oh God! Thank you so much special people.

Personal Post

Makes eight months since my dad died and eight days that my mum left. However, life goes on for me and even my heart being in pieces, I must move on, be strong. I have my studies, my job, my house and my sister to look after. I will not abandon my blog, watsonglamour is my comfort. You give me strength. I ask you to try to understand my absence, my grief is great. The love of my parents will be eternal and lack that make me too.

Oh God. Thank you so much for the words of support, encouragement and for telling me this story. The pain is really unbearable. It seems that my heart will not last long. It’s like a part of me had died. I lost my father last year. And count on help her uncles and cousins honestly is not the same thing. I’m pretty sure that this pain will pass. But the moment I can only think of my mother. #my english is terrible.

Oh God. His words are so sweet. I really appreciate your support and attention. Thank you.
theprincesswatson said: hey, we never talked, but I must say something for you, PLEASE BE STRONG, God will help your mother.

This is kind of you. Thank you for your support. I trust that she is in a better place.

travel-mug said: I'm really sorry about your mom. stay strong. <3

Thank you for your support. I really will try to stay strong.

I promise to try.