Fascinated by Emma Watson.
Other posts and messages are part of the package.

In my dash only has Iron Man 3

Abril 14th. Happy Birthday for me!


Pray for Brazil, Pray for Santa Maria!

Confirmed: Pepper Potts will have her own armor in Iron Man 3.


Hi guys!

I know my blog is outdated Emma in the question. I do not need messages that remind me of that. It’s just that after I lost my mother (three months ago today) things became more difficult and my shortest time. I'm doing my best here. I love my blog, I love my followers, after all it is they who make it happen. I would like to thank the messages of support I’ve been receiving. It means a lot to me. I love you so much.


My new icon.

I only wish that some of those messages come from their own blogs. It’s easy to send offensive messages without certain identifications.

I just let my younger sister acaminho college. Seeing her walk the same path that my makes me happy. I will do for her everything my parents did for me. I miss them both.