Fascinated by Emma Watson.
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Anonymous said: Your blog is adorable ;3

Thank you anonymous. *-*

Anonymous said: Awh! It's ok! I love you darling! Ria x

Ownnnnnnnt! Love you too sweet! Thank you again.

kallissi said: Thank you for following me! :) ♥

Your blog is incredible. Thanks for following back. ♥_♥

aquamenting said: i like your blog! following :) <3

Thank you so much! WELCOME!

Anonymous said: You are lovely honey!


Anonymous said: Hi! I'm so in love with your blog honey. What's your name? and How old are you? I think I wanna marry you!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Thank you. Name’s Débora. I’m 23. MARRY ME? You would not like that. ASHASHAHSLJHSHAKL.

Anonymous said: You have a lovely blog here. Please do not disappear again. D;

Oh my goodness! Thank you anonymous. I’ve been having personal problems. I promise to be more present here. ;D

Anonymous said: I looooove your blog!

Thaaaaaaank you so much!

Anonymous said: Your blog is amazing! Where are you from? ;)

Thank you. I’m from Brazil. ;D

im-emmawatson said: following u :)

WELCOME! Thank you!